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Machine Learning Developer

Who we are and what we do

Mappedin powers search and discovery indoors. Our software platform provides industry leading tools for property owners and operators to manage their dynamic indoor information and build digital wayfinding experiences into their customer-facing applications.

Founded in 2011, Mappedin is headquartered in Waterloo, Canada. We work with clients in all industries around the world to help manage over 600M square feet of indoor space. In the last year, the Mappedin platform served over 140 million directions to people navigating the indoors.

Mappedin’s Product and Platform team is a group of developers responsible for Mappedin’s core products used by tens of millions of people: Our Pre-Built Mapping Applications, Developer Tools, and Indoor Mapping Software.

Who you are and what you'll do

You want to work with a team of developers that use machine learning to solve hard problems in real world, production environments. You understand ML techniques, but know that a cool model is nothing until you get it integrated into a great app used by actual users, with plans and tools to keep it up to date.

You’ll be joining the Super Auto team at Mappedin, which is a feature team comprised of Machine Learning, Front End, and Full Stack developers. They can take a new ML-powered tool from inception all the way to production, and keep it fresh once it’s deployed. As a Machine Learning Developer you will help bridge the gap between pure machine learning and feature deployment.

You are highly interested in learning about or already have experience in:

  • Machine learning (especially GANNs, object detection, semantic segmentation)
  • Computer Vision
  • Deep learning libraries and frameworks like Tensorflow/keras/Pytorch
  • ML Ops
  • Python
  • TypeScript
  • Test Driven Development

We understand that not everyone will be familiar with the tech stack or will check all of the boxes above. We would still love for you to apply and we will provide support if required!

What are some challenges?

You’ll need to know a bit about a bunch of different things. We don’t expect you to be an expert in coming up with the right ML technique to use for a given problem, but we do expect you to be able to pick up how to best help train, use, deploy, and maintain it. Most of Mappedin’s codebase is written in TypeScript, but the ML is done in Python, so you will end up using both languages, and the more you can push to TypeScript the more the rest of the Dev team can contribute.

Mappedin moves fast and we sometimes change directions. We can’t always wait for all the information before we try something. If you want us to guarantee exactly what you’ll be working on three months from now, we can’t give you that. On the other hand, there is a lot of high value work to do, and it won’t be boring.

Mappedin follows the Test Driven Development methodology to write code that is testable, tested, and only does what it needs to do. We don’t expect you to be an expert in TDD when you start, but we do expect you to become one. You also own the quality of your own work, and we expect you to prove that with your own integration and end to end tests.

Behind the scenes

We run an agile development process designed to give our developers as much uninterrupted development time as possible. Most days the only meeting you’re looking at is the morning standup.

We use a variety of technology and tools that currently include TypeScript, React, Jest, Three.js, Webpack, Node.js, Postgres, Kafka, MongoDB, and Docker.

There’s a lot of trust here at Mappedin. We are a REMOTE company. If you’re local, there will probably be a few days a week when you can expect other people to be in the office, but this role could also be fully remote. We work flexible hours, have a flexible vacation policy and work to provide the hardware or office equipment you require to unleash your potential. We will do what it takes to get things done if we said we would do it. We stay curious, challenge opinions, take risks, and learn from mistakes. We’re competitive and we like to win together. We want you to join us.